Do the math



Two Three…

Numbers embody infinity

Abundance, repetition, fertility,

Patterns and dimensions

And I lose myself in equations


I lose myself in a brain

That needs to exercise structure and rhythm,

I don’t think we can think

Without our structured rhythms –

If they are disrupted then so become we

Just like types of ADD


I’m not talking about brilliant asymmetries,

Such as intricate power chords

Played in the best heavy metal music


I’m saying I lose concentration

When there’s fast moving animation

By the side of text columns I’m trying to read,

It doesn’t seem to go together


I’m saying 3D eye glasses separate me

From my body’s gravity center

And I prefer to be humble in the face of my nature

As best as I can


I prefer to walk under our real sky

Filled with infinite stars


I prefer to keep my head

On my own shoulders and feet on the ground

And be an infinite thinker within the bounds

Of my physical body because I know

The mind eventually always breaks free

And I don’t need to cheat myself to believe

There’s another way out




The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Thank you LYMAN CHEN! my fellow blogger from ‘Martial Arts with LYMAN CHEN’, at

for nominating me for the dragon’s loyalty award. I’ve always loved dragons :)…

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Accept award with thanks.
  2. Give your readers 5 facts about you.
  3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

Indeed I accept this award with thanks, just really have to mention it kind of reminds me of chain letters (but in a good way). Seems nobody knows who started it, copy pasting the rules and passing them on. There’s no link to any original site being passed on, declaring what exactly is this award about, though it goes without saying that it’s a good way for bloggers to express special appreciation of one another and let their readers know.

5 facts about me:

1. I’m lactose intolerant.

2. I love watching cooking shows, even though I’m not crazy for cooking. I’m good at it but I cook when I need to eat and not out of the pleasure of cooking…

3. I used to be a Trekkie, a ‘Star Trek’ fan. Actually I still am (forever I suppose), and a fan of science fiction in general. I watched almost every science fiction series there was: Star Trek the original series, Star Trek TNG, Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate sg1, Stargate Atlantis, Deep Space 9, and more.  Of course the Star wars movies are cool too.

4. I visited and traveled to Toronto, Canada, and NY, USA.

5. I used to draw and paint as a child, but I don’t have the patience to do that any more. It doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t feel especially creative in that field. I can look at a person an draw his portrait quite well, I am a good at ‘copying’, but not very good at creating a world I would like to dive into just by looking at it – like for example when I’m looking at a lithograph work created by M.C.ESCHER who is one of my favorite artists. I also love the paintings of Sandro Botticelli.

I nominate Veehaunanifitzhugh ebook serial ‘A Poetess Progress’ at

for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award,

even though she hasn’t been posting for a long time. I loved her writing. Her writing is like an impressionist painting. It’s a kind of mysterious fairy tale for girls, written with a lot of talent, and it tells about dragons too!

Mind’s Horizon


Boundaries and limits;
We set them for ourselves,
Inherent to the way we define definitions

If there’s no measure there’s no size
If there’s no size there’s no limit,
And there’s no limit to my wonder,
And there’s no measure to the world’s wonders
But absolute freedom can never be
Within the limits of structure,
So does it mean choose chaos?

Did matter create structure?
Or was matter born out of it
Along with the four dimensions
And relativity,
Of time and speed

The abstract nothingness that holds no essence
And is beyond our grasp,
Was structured into human reason
By obscure metaphysical guidance

Are the four basic forces setting the boundaries?
Of our four dimensional void in all volume areas:
Maintained by constant struggles between attractions and repulsions –
An underlying restlessness
Beneath a seemingly stable geometry

Is gravity a force?
Or as Einstein described,
Just a consequence of the existence of matter:
It’s only when too much of it comes together
That it crushes under its own weight
And maybe crumbles all other dimensions
As if unfolding the space-time continuum
A unique singularity –
Is it a place of exit or escape?

Down to the smallest particles
In the world of quantum physics
There we find empty spaces are enormous,
And particles constantly spring in and out of existence,
Eluding our detection

Down to the smallest particles
We find uncertainty is statistical probability
And there sure is uncertainty!

We know Infinity includes worlds of infinity
And it seems inherent to relativity that
Things don’t exist separately,
Yet we keep searching
For smaller building blocks of matter
It’s the wood for the trees…
Goes to show
Indeed there’s no measure
To this recursion; our fractal reality
Must be a futile search for a pointless point
Or dimensionless
Zero divided back again into nothingness

I’m not the usual feminist


How do I fulfill myself?

I am more than the sum of the woman

That runs through all of my being and

Along with my femininity I also have strength,

No contradiction in terms

Don’t say I’m delicate

Because when I am it’s only for you,

Don’t say I’m any less of a fighter

Than men

It’s a given talent I’ve discovered and proved,

And I love it about myself

I’m brave, I’m fast and I’m sharp minded

And there will always be someone stronger so

Don’t define your masculinity at my expense

Because I do not aim to be superior,

I just want to be complete

Cosmic Loneliness


If I could travel

At the fastest conceivable speed

My Earth would be gone by,

Crunched to a point and blown past

Lost as a speck

In a trail of dust –

But I never want to miss it


If I could travel at the fastest possible speed

I would be crunched to a point

And though theoretically,

I could be everywhere at once,

Since it would take me no time to get there   –

I would miss the freedom of spending my time



In such a speed

Seems another dimension disappears

The world to me would have no 3’D,

It would be just a flat plane on my fast lane

And I wouldn’t even realize how fast I am