Monthly Archives: May 2012

Human Endeavor


Aren’t we bound with fascination

To our world

Full of form and motion,

Full of color and sound.

For us, it’s our gathered body

Of knowledge

In which we choose to put creativity

To capture what holds in infinity

Of thoughts and ideas,

Even the same ones can always be new,

In so many ways


Inner terrain


Tried for long

To move my mountains.

I Thought they would,

I believed,

I wasted away

Time and disappointments.


It would be easier, to just lose myself

I’m worn and torn

Like desert rocks,

Eroded by wind passing time,

Becoming sand grains

In oceans of sand



Elusive as conceiving creation

The nothing that all things are


We wish to believe,

Does not simply disappear


Things do leave an impression

(Or so we hope)

Brief, longer, or seemingly eternal

By their necessity of being and ending

They leave their mark

In the shape of those replacing


And even if it’s not in the way of memory

As we have it – it once has been,

There was something that came before

And there will be what comes after

You fell for me


You said anything could be won through a smile –

So many times you brought it out of me,

In spite of myself


We’ve known each other for some time,

And only now have I realized,

You’re the one won over –

Did you know?

Maybe this is what you wanted

In spite of yourself

No Fullfilment


Too much passion

And too many passions,

This is what my tired body says

To my mind,

But what do I do, there’s no doubt –

I know I burn myself out,

Though in the process I shine,

Nobody seems to care



And time again

Reminds me there’s no competing

With death,

Maybe –

My beating heart would stop,

When I find love and love finds me