Monthly Archives: June 2012

Kata (Martial Arts)


I embody opposites

And transitions between them,

Loose flowing energy

I harness to a powerful burst

Be it through an exploding fist or kick –

I learn to aim,

In just the right timing,

And place –

I exert the precise amount of force,

No more than less

My offense is also a defense


I like to spend my days practicing

In this world of four dimensional space

Humble beneath clear skies,

I strive to move swiftly and fully

Parallel all directions and all lines.

I wish to stand straight and tall

While bowing low, close to earth,

Walk barefoot on an endless plain

Strip down – to who I am

Who I truly can be,

Yes – I dare show myself,

My passion sets me free


I grind myself thin,

Till I hear nothing

But the air in friction round my curves

It’s a desperate addiction – this need,

To perfect body and form

Inside the realm of speed

This, in some deep level,

Relieves my pain,

Reroutes neurons in my brain


This is how I concentrate

To forget –

I fill my mind with emptiness,

Close my eyes and breath,

Inhale this world

I wish so much

To become one with


Even the smallest significance


Existence and non existence,

Essence and nothingness,

Opposites occupying

The same time and space


All is relative, depends on the perspective

We live with an inevitable understanding

That everything is pointless and meaningless,

Yet we find meaning and purpose just the same


Good versus evil,

Male and female

The duality of a pulse,


Followed by a surge,

A heartbeat,

We’re defined by a pause between heartbeats


We’re defined by our sun, and light

By the force of gravity – we’re part of our Earth


We’re defined by the matter particles from which we’re made

And matter particles are actually waves –

So we’re two things at once,

And it’s infinite to count the ways


I suppose we’re but a vibration

In an enormous universe,

Seeking for this universe to vibrate inside us

And does it hear us resonate?