Kata (Martial Arts)


I embody opposites

And transitions between them,

Loose flowing energy

I harness to a powerful burst

Be it through an exploding fist or kick –

I learn to aim,

In just the right timing,

And place –

I exert the precise amount of force,

No more than less

My offense is also a defense


I like to spend my days practicing

In this world of four dimensional space

Humble beneath clear skies,

I strive to move swiftly and fully

Parallel all directions and all lines.

I wish to stand straight and tall

While bowing low, close to earth,

Walk barefoot on an endless plain

Strip down – to who I am

Who I truly can be,

Yes – I dare show myself,

My passion sets me free


I grind myself thin,

Till I hear nothing

But the air in friction round my curves

It’s a desperate addiction – this need,

To perfect body and form

Inside the realm of speed

This, in some deep level,

Relieves my pain,

Reroutes neurons in my brain


This is how I concentrate

To forget –

I fill my mind with emptiness,

Close my eyes and breath,

Inhale this world

I wish so much

To become one with


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  1. This is the last poem I will be posting for the time being. I hope to be back by October. I have some new unfinished ones but I need to take a break and get back to them when I’m ready. Thank you to my readers and followers, I hope you will visit my blog when I start posting again.

  2. Reblogged this on Martial Arts with Lyman Chen and commented:
    Hey everyone! Well, a fellow blogger introduced me to her thoughts on Kata! My first thought was that she did an incredible job conveying her message via poetry. Additionally, after I read it, I was amazed at how well she explained the meaning behind kata as well as how it feels to her! When you guys get the chance after looking through my post, please read this one! I’m truly amazed at this poem 🙂

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