Do the math



Two Three…

Numbers embody infinity

Abundance, repetition, fertility,

Patterns and dimensions

And I lose myself in equations


I lose myself in a brain

That needs to exercise structure and rhythm,

I don’t think we can think

Without our structured rhythms –

If they are disrupted then so become we

Just like types of ADD


I’m not talking about brilliant asymmetries,

Such as intricate power chords

Played in the best heavy metal music


I’m saying I lose concentration

When there’s fast moving animation

By the side of text columns I’m trying to read,

It doesn’t seem to go together


I’m saying 3D eye glasses separate me

From my body’s gravity center

And I prefer to be humble in the face of my nature

As best as I can


I prefer to walk under our real sky

Filled with infinite stars


I prefer to keep my head

On my own shoulders and feet on the ground

And be an infinite thinker within the bounds

Of my physical body because I know

The mind eventually always breaks free

And I don’t need to cheat myself to believe

There’s another way out




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