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Mind’s Horizon


Boundaries and limits;
We set them for ourselves,
Inherent to the way we define definitions

If there’s no measure there’s no size
If there’s no size there’s no limit,
And there’s no limit to my wonder,
And there’s no measure to the world’s wonders
But absolute freedom can never be
Within the limits of structure,
So does it mean choose chaos?

Did matter create structure?
Or was matter born out of it
Along with the four dimensions
And relativity,
Of time and speed

The abstract nothingness that holds no essence
And is beyond our grasp,
Was structured into human reason
By obscure metaphysical guidance

Are the four basic forces setting the boundaries?
Of our four dimensional void in all volume areas:
Maintained by constant struggles between attractions and repulsions –
An underlying restlessness
Beneath a seemingly stable geometry

Is gravity a force?
Or as Einstein described,
Just a consequence of the existence of matter:
It’s only when too much of it comes together
That it crushes under its own weight
And maybe crumbles all other dimensions
As if unfolding the space-time continuum
A unique singularity –
Is it a place of exit or escape?

Down to the smallest particles
In the world of quantum physics
There we find empty spaces are enormous,
And particles constantly spring in and out of existence,
Eluding our detection

Down to the smallest particles
We find uncertainty is statistical probability
And there sure is uncertainty!

We know Infinity includes worlds of infinity
And it seems inherent to relativity that
Things don’t exist separately,
Yet we keep searching
For smaller building blocks of matter
It’s the wood for the trees…
Goes to show
Indeed there’s no measure
To this recursion; our fractal reality
Must be a futile search for a pointless point
Or dimensionless
Zero divided back again into nothingness


Age of the universe


At the moment of when,

In the place of where,

It all began –

Does it really matter?

The only thing that matters

Is that it was deep at the center

Of reality

And we are the center


It was deep in our hearts

And soul

Even the smallest significance


Existence and non existence,

Essence and nothingness,

Opposites occupying

The same time and space


All is relative, depends on the perspective

We live with an inevitable understanding

That everything is pointless and meaningless,

Yet we find meaning and purpose just the same


Good versus evil,

Male and female

The duality of a pulse,


Followed by a surge,

A heartbeat,

We’re defined by a pause between heartbeats


We’re defined by our sun, and light

By the force of gravity – we’re part of our Earth


We’re defined by the matter particles from which we’re made

And matter particles are actually waves –

So we’re two things at once,

And it’s infinite to count the ways


I suppose we’re but a vibration

In an enormous universe,

Seeking for this universe to vibrate inside us

And does it hear us resonate?