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Elusive as conceiving creation

The nothing that all things are


We wish to believe,

Does not simply disappear


Things do leave an impression

(Or so we hope)

Brief, longer, or seemingly eternal

By their necessity of being and ending

They leave their mark

In the shape of those replacing


And even if it’s not in the way of memory

As we have it – it once has been,

There was something that came before

And there will be what comes after


Big Bang (Second version)


God’s boundless love

Made his wisdom expand

Into creation


From impact point

To shock wave destruction

Destroying perfection

Destroying serenity


From the calm of my calm seeking,

Unfortunate, reincarnated soul

To the reality of my existential being –

I wish I were never born



I left it to float in a sea of ponder

Still, like solitude, alone with thoughts.

Sometimes in me flow currents,

Of awe and wonder,

The ones I find – I lose

Or maybe dry out.


I run and run

To be faster

Than the blink of an eye

Faster than light

But it doesn’t matter

How strong my will

I’m always back

To where time stands still