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Age of the universe


At the moment of when,

In the place of where,

It all began –

Does it really matter?

The only thing that matters

Is that it was deep at the center

Of reality

And we are the center


It was deep in our hearts

And soul


Even the smallest significance


Existence and non existence,

Essence and nothingness,

Opposites occupying

The same time and space


All is relative, depends on the perspective

We live with an inevitable understanding

That everything is pointless and meaningless,

Yet we find meaning and purpose just the same


Good versus evil,

Male and female

The duality of a pulse,


Followed by a surge,

A heartbeat,

We’re defined by a pause between heartbeats


We’re defined by our sun, and light

By the force of gravity – we’re part of our Earth


We’re defined by the matter particles from which we’re made

And matter particles are actually waves –

So we’re two things at once,

And it’s infinite to count the ways


I suppose we’re but a vibration

In an enormous universe,

Seeking for this universe to vibrate inside us

And does it hear us resonate?