Monthly Archives: December 2012

Age of the universe


At the moment of when,

In the place of where,

It all began –

Does it really matter?

The only thing that matters

Is that it was deep at the center

Of reality

And we are the center


It was deep in our hearts

And soul




If you wish to believe

Reality was created

By the words of God,

Then how do you perceive his speech?


The Old Testament is inspiring to read

‘God said let there be light:

And there was light’.

It’s the most divine poetry indeed

But who are we to know

How to interpret these words?


You must agree,

Our world came to be

Long before our language


Yes, I know,

God is in all things

He placed understanding in our minds

He speaks all languages of meaning

Therefore he speaks our language too,

But our universe,

And the entire nature that fills it –

It came first

And so did its language


It supports us

And it’s of the utmost importance

Without it we are nothing

Remember man was created last


We have the ability to speak

And to be silent

To think and meditate

To be creative and create,

But we shall never understand all

In this world of multitude

And who’s to say understanding’s the purpose?


Maybe the purpose is just being,

Maybe all existing things

Emit the most subtle chords

Continuously strumming the fabric of space

And they’re music to god’s ears, or better yet

Notes of song

After all,

Even angles sing in praise of God

Soul Mate


She’s intense,

But her feelings don’t usually show,

As an athlete she puts heart and soul

In all that she exercises


Her body is shaped in the form of her skill,

For it is the mind that controls it –

Through the beauty of thought and emotion,

Her every motion

Expressive of passion


She has charisma,

And means to be larger than life,

She wants men to fall at her feet

And they do

But no one ever has the courage

To be her equal

Deep inside there’s joy


If my feelings have no boundary

From which to overflow

They just trickle painfully

Into an invisible black hole


If I’m a ripe fruit full of seeds

That no one will pick and taste

I’ll just rot away –

Or burst


What’s the use in such a strong need to give?

If it’s taken for less than its worth

And I can’t find anyone worth to receive


So I hope, maybe you’re the one

Who sincerely wants to know me?

Inside out is the only way

My flowers can bloom in colors


I could still suffer

The gravity of hurt,

Except it’ll be worth it